Medical Records

Obtaining Medical Records

CSKT Tribal Health-Health Information Management is required by law to maintain the privacy of your health information, to provide you with a notice of our legal duties and privacy practices, and to follow the information practices that are described in the Notice of Privacy Practices.

You have the right to receive a copy of your health information that we maintain, with some limited exceptions.  You have the right to receive a copy of your health information in one of the following formats: MyChart Patient Portal, email, fax, or paper via mail.  You have the right to request that your health information be sent to any person or entity.

Medical records are maintained by CSKT Tribal Health for the time period required by state law, and some medical records may not be available.

Patient information processed outside of Health Information Management (HIM) Medical Records: Please contact the department directly at the facility in which you were treated. Example: Radiology, Provider Office/Clinic, Pathology, etc. Be advised, separate authorization required.

Itemized Billing or Financial Documents: Call 3rd Party Billing Office: 1-406-745-3525 ext. 5116.

Option 1: MyChart (patient portal)

MyChart secure patient portal allows patients to view portions of their medical records, and request copies of medical records that are not available through MyChart.  There are no fees associated with accessing medical records via MyChart.

Most documents will auto-populate to your MyChart account within 24 hrs. from time of visit.

  • Clinical notes are shared immediately to the patient’s MyChart when signed by the authorizing provider.
  • Test results are released hourly after they have been finalized. If not available, please contact the ordering provider.
  • Other documents may be shared immediately when filed to the patient’s medical record. Sign up for a MyChart account.  If you already have a MyChart account, please login.

Option 2: Patient request to access/disclose a designated record set (DRS) form

To receive a copy of your medical records, complete the “Release of Information” form and ensure all sections are completed.

  • Indicate the dates of treatment/admissions for which you are requesting information
  • Indicate the type of records needed: e.g. Lab results, imaging report, immunizations, etc.
  • Release of HIV test results, Mental Health treatment or Alcohol/Drug treatment require initials and a date next to the requested information

Patient Request to Access/Disclose a Designated Record Set Form for Release of Health Information

Important notice

Incomplete requests are considered invalid and will be destroyed.  To obtain any records, you will need to resubmit a new ROI.

Patient representatives will need to provide a valid I.D. along with supporting documentation to fulfill the medical records request: e.g. Durable Power of Attorney, Advance Directive, guardianship or conservator forms.

How to Submit Your Medical Records Request

We’re asking for your help to reduce the amount of paper requests we receive.  HIM-ROI is not on-site at all locations.  Please submit your request via email or fax: 1-406-203-9766.

Downloadable PDF Fillable Forms

Medical Records needs one the following to release information:

Health Information Management

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM; Closed weekends and Holidays.

Medical Records Contact Information

  • Fax: 406-203-9766
  • Email:

Medical Records Staff

  • HIM Supervisor- Ramona Ebensteiner –ext. 5101
  • Health Information Tech – Darren Orr – ext. 5083
  • Health Information Tech- Star Yellowhorn- ext. 5122