Recently, Tribal Health staff, CSKT leadership and staff, and members of the CSKT-Lake County Unified Command Center (UCC) conducted a COVID-19 mass testing event.


Below are names of Tribal Health staff and other CSKT staff, leadership and community members who helped with the mass testing.  This does not include UCC command staff and the many others who helped make this a success, and we are also reminded of all the staff who stayed back to hold down the fort and who are important to the overall success. 


This event's success defines the teamwork it takes to achieve something like this. 


All of your hard work pays off in the form of service to the membership, and the community.


We also want to give mention to the Medical team leadership who participated and who compiled the list of names.  Dr. Corum and Chelsea Kleinmeyer helped guide the overall effort and they help keep our Tribal Health administration straight when it comes to the medical side of Tribal Health.


If you spent one hour or all four days…


Thank you,

Clayton Matt, Acting Department Head



Geof Rohrlach

Frannie O'Neil

Angela Nicolai

Mariah Dempsy

Kris Murphy

Sarah Meeks

Kaelen Wall

Anna Parker

Chelsea Braverock

Angel Grant

Milissa Grandchamp

Ellen Kaphammer

Billie (Nich'e) Caye

Ronelle Rose

Jamie Lozeau

Adessa Durglo

Dr. Muzquiz

Bobbie Blackweasel

Barbara (Malia) Kipp

Joe Charlo

Toni Michel

Travis Fisher

Jacki Pierre

Courtney Mays

Josh Decker

Jason Krumbeck (Safety Officer for all four days)

Chynthia Rutherford

Twila Guerrero

Dawne Scott

Brenda Bodnar

Paul Phillips

Barb Schott

Sheila Hurd

Brenda Strysko

Kristen Hewankorn

Asa Askin

Katie Lake

JR Camel

Cole McAurther

Patricia Buffalo

Stephanie McDonald

Shelby Arca

Sheila Hurd

Anne Lowe

Scott Dupuis

Willie Stephens

Rachel Wanderscheid

Patty Stevens

Dale Nelson (and wife Kris)

Susan (Missy) Peterson

Carla Clairmont

Shelly Fyant

Martin Charlo

Ellie Bundy

And a huge thank you to Tammy Matt for all of the planning she put into these events. Tammy was essential, we could not have done this without her. She recognized when forms were filled out wrong, provided training, and stayed late every night to make sure everything was packaged and sent to the state appropriately.