Tribal Health announces a new health initiative for recipients in 2019, called Own Your Health.


During 2019, each month Tribal Health will offer services or events directly to eligible recipients as a way to encourage the community to take charge of their health, get involved in healthy activities, get medical treatments and testing, to support every person’s goal of living a healthy lifestyle.


First, recipients are asked to pick up an Own Your Health pass.  Whenever a recipient participates in an event or activity, an authorized Tribal Health employee will stamp their pass accordingly.   At the end of the year, if recipients have participated in at least 9 activities or services, they are eligible to enter into a grand prize drawing (prize to be announced).


Event and activities for each month include:


  • January- Get a physical. Schedule an exam with your Primary Care Provider to start 2019 in a good way.


  • February- Go Red for Women event. Get your blood pressure read. Walking the REZ starts! Get a pedometer and start walking.


  • March- National Nutrition Month. Join a Tribal Health cooking class to learn about healthy food options. Workout with a certified trainer at a Tribal Health Fitness Center.


  • April- Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month. Support victims during upcoming events and activities. Schedule an eye exam with Tribal Health.


  • May- Mental Health Month. Get scheduled with a Tribal Health mental health specialist. Join a Tribal Health support group.Participate in the Women 4 Wellness event.  Schedule an annual pap and HPV test.


  • June- Men’s Health Fair. Schedule an annual prostate cancer screening exam. Get your blood pressure read.


  • July- Celebration of Sobriety. And Strengthening Our Families events. Participate with your family in these annual events. Schedule a hearing test with Tribal Health.


  • August- National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. And National Immunization Awareness Month. Make sure you and your children are up to date with immunizations.


  • September- Suicide Prevention Week. Learn about Tribal Health resources to help families deal with suicides. Dispose of unused medications at a Tribal Health Pharmacy dropbox.


  • October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Get your mammogram scheduled today. Domestic Violence Awareness month. Stay posted for events and activities.


  • November- Diabetes Care Day. Get your blood glucose levels tested. Join Kidney Keepers. Celebrate the Great American Smokeout. Call Tribal Health to learn how  to stop smoking.


  • December- National Flu Vaccination Week. And World AIDS Day. Get your flu shot. Get tested for HIV.


Additionally, recipients are encouraged to get a Health Partner (a family member, or friend, who can help them stay focused on their health during the year); while also making health goals, recording health achievements, and getting appropriate immunizations (such as the flu shot) throughout the year. 


To pick up an Own Your Health pass, starting January 4, visit any of the Tribal Health Centers in Elmo, Hot Springs, Polson, Ronan, SKC, St. Ignatius, or Arlee, or any of the Tribal Health Fitness Centers in Elmo, Ronan, St. Ignatius or Arlee.


For more information, call Tribal Health at 406-745-3525.



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Tribal Health of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes provides comprehensive health care services to recipients including audiology/speech; behavioral health; dental; medical; nursing; optical; pharmacy; physical therapy; radiology; and wellness across a rich network on the Flathead Indian Reservation.  Tribal Health is dedicated to a promise that every Tribal Health recipient receives high-quality health care grounded in tribal values— supporting each recipient’s journey of “Being in a Good Way.”


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