Improvements for Recipients Using Tribal Health Pharmacy


St. Ignatius, Mont. — Recently, in an effort to improve recipient care, Tribal Health Pharmacies at both St. Ignatius and Polson, have adopted a new electronic system called Pioneer Rx.  


With this transition at the Polson Pharmacy, there has been some unanticipated challenges that have affected Tribal Health recipients and staff.   Tribal Health is focused on trying to correct issues that ensure improved pharmacy care and customer service for every recipient.


One important change includes identifying the needs of each recipient, prior to getting to the pharmacy window.  


  • During the check-in process at Registration, recipients will be asked if they are filling a new prescription.


  • Those who are filling new prescriptions will be provided priority, and asked to wait while their prescription is filled.


  • Once a new prescription is complete, the recipient’s name will appear on the electronic message board, and their name will be called to come to the window to pick up their new prescription.


  • Tribal Health staff will also work with those who are waiting in line, to determine the status of their prescription, and to provide for more timely pick-up of prescriptions that are already completed.


  • Additionally, Tribal Health staff will be on hand to help recipients access the new online refill program (weblink located at and the mobile app (search for RxLocal at the app store on any mobile device) that allows recipients to order refills quickly and efficiently.


To order through the online and mobile systems, recipients need the following information:


  • Prescription number 
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth


The online refill program and mobile app offers recipients the following benefits:


  • Choice of pharmacy prescription pickup
  • Choice in the time for pick up (please note, that just as the phone refill system, Tribal Health pharmacy needs at least 24 hours to refill an order)
  • Ability to manage prescription refills for individuals and their family members
  • Access to view medication profiles
  • Setup medication reminders to alert recipients when a dose is to be taken (this is helpful for Tribal Health recipients who may be having problems taking their daily medications properly, or for those who take many drugs  and/or complex dosing schedules)


In addition to the online and mobile app options of refilling prescriptions, Pioneer Rx provides for other improved services at Tribal Health pharmacies including:


  • Photo Identification:  Pioneer can capture a recipient’s image by camera or by scanning a drivers license. This provides extra protection from individuals seeking to unlawfully obtain prescriptions.


  • Electronic Refill Request:  Pioneer can send an electronic refill request to a recipient’s medical provider.  This is a very convenient service for both the recipient and their health care provider.


  • Tribal Health Recipient Information:  All recipients and sensitive information is encrypted to ensure personal  information is secure using some of the strongest encryption formats and procedures.


To make the time at Tribal Health more comfortable, Tribal Health provides complimentary coffee to recipients when visiting any of the Tribal Health facilities.  Please be sure to ask for a cup of coffee! 


Tribal Health appreciates the patience of the community, and remains focused on working on the promise of being dedicated to helping every Tribal health recipient to receive high-quality health care grounded in Tribal values. 


Tribal Health of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes provides comprehensive health care services to recipients including audiology/speech; behavioral health; dental; medical; nursing; optical; pharmacy; physical therapy; radiology; and wellness across a broad network on the Flathead Indian Reservation.  Tribal Health is dedicated to a promise that every Tribal Health recipient receives high-quality health care grounded in tribal values— supporting each recipient’s journey of “Being in a Good Way.”



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