Vaccines are available by walking in to a Tribal Health Pharmacy today.
Fast.  Easy.  Minimal wait time.
Tribal Health Pharmacy staff, at both the St. Ignatius and the Polson Health Centers, provide immunizations for Tribal Health patients. 
Tribal Health patients do not need to schedule an appointment for these immunizations, and walking in to get a vaccine is quick and easy with minimal wait times.


Adult and adolescent vaccines are available at the Pharmacies and include:


  • COVID (5 years and older)
  • Influenza (flu)
  • Shingles
  • Pneumonia
  • HPV
  • MMR
  • Tdap
  • Meningitis 


Vaccinations for all ages will still be available by appointment at the medical clinics and by Public Health Nurses.


Please call Tribal Health at
406-745-3525 for more information.