Char's Tribal Health Job Title:
Community Health Representative (CHR)
How long did Char serve in the health care industry:
38 years!
Highlights of Char's career: 
Char is extremely caring and giving of herself.  Initially starting out as a pharmacist tech, which she truly enjoyed, Char loved being a CHR and touching the lives of patients, and getting to work with awesome people.
Char says her start in health care stems from being raised as a caregiver and wanting to give back to the people.
Upon retirement, Char says she plans to get back to beading and camping.
In departing Tribal Health, her coworkers say it best, "We are losing a family member.  Char and Eva are a dynamic duo, it will be hard to not see the two together.  We are experiencing a true loss."
Good luck Char!  We all hope you really enjoy the retired life!