Nurse Appreciation Week
Thank you to our wonderful Nurses of Tribal Health
Antoinette “Toni” Michel, RN
Care Coordinator
Polson Health Center
Why do you choose to be a nurse?
I love being able to help our tribal people any way possible. 
Favorite part of nursing:
Getting to go home! Just kidding! It varies. Right now it’s building an exceptional healthcare team in which we all love what we do, we all love to laugh, and we all strive to always do better! 
Frannie O’Neill, RN
Medical Clinic Nurse
SKC Health Center
Why do you choose to be a nurse?
I wanted to change to clinic nursing because of the variety of health care issues that present to the clinic.  You never know what you will encounter during the day.  I enjoy the changes and challenges.
Favorite part of nursing:
Meeting the patients and their families and offering help that hopefully has a positive impact on their lives.